How did I get myself into this hot mess?

It's a question that's been on my mind as of late. How did I come to where I am today? Well I guess before I can sack that quarterback I gotta invent the sport of football. Who am I now and who was I?

I'm Andrew Wilcox and I'm the creative equivalent of a dropped plate of spaghetti. This isn't just me being self-critical, this is a good description of what I'm about. Messes tend to splatter randomly as do my creative interests. I write sporadically, I filmmake occasionally, I edit together found footage whenever I find it. My chiefest challenge as a creative individual is finding inspiration and maintaining focus. And just like a dropped plate of spaghetti I'm also seen as the cause of a ruined dinner from the person who made me. Sorry ma about the pork chops, I thought Manzanita Sol would make a good marinade. You know applesauce and pork going together? It makes sense. Apple soda. Hm. I think I need a new blog.

Welcome to Andrew's Food Blog where I tell you a recipe. The recipe is apple pork disappointment squares.

Take pork.

Take apples.





That ends Andrew's Food Blog. Please don't do anything.

So where was I. Oh yeah, I was saying I lack focus. Yeah. Well that's it for today, check back next unit of time and I may even answer the question I posed in this entry. Or break off into another sub-blog. Submarine sandwich blog. Oh one more thing I just realized.


Don't write when you are hungry. Everything turns into food. I am chewing my keyboard currently. Don't do that.


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